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Our Teaching Approach

Our early childhood program offers an innovative and constructivist approach to learning. We strongly believe that existing knowledge, stimulating environments, and positive interactions play a fundamental role in the construction of new knowledge. Our daily schedule provides time for large and small-group learning.

We utilize a combination of curriculums to support children’s overall development and learning.

  • Through the research-based, nationwide recognized Mother Goose Time curriculum, our educators incorporate experiences that foster learning through guided play and active discovery.
  • We support the early development of important character values and positive socio-emotional skills through our Pixie Values Program.
  • Our KPA Bright Bambini custom designed cross-curricular program allows us to best serve the students by providing clear goals throughout the school year.

Our Environments

Our environment plays a key role in our learning approach. The school areas are characterized by color, organization and cleanliness.

A wide variety of resources are offered to support exploration, investigation, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Special attention is given to the small and large spaces around the school to foster social interactions, creativity and overall development.

Our Staff

Our highly qualified educators are loving, caring, and committed to giving each child the attention they deserve while addressing their individual needs in a timely manner.

When joining Key Point Academy, our teachers receive complete training in our multi-sensory, hands-on teaching approach and school curriculum.

Each of them combines knowledge of the curriculum with their own passion, creativity, and expertise in order to engage different types of learners.